Building European Safe Sport Together

What is BESST?

Building European Safe Sport Together is a project that aims to deliver the foundation for a harassment and abuse-free European Sports environment. With strong partners delivering the academic support, continent-wide network of organizations for dissemination, legal and project management, events delivery and sports organizations, the project has a full circle range of professionals with four key deliveries that will effectively raise the maturity of the European sports on its safeguarding readiness:

1. Definition of Abuse and Harassment

To develop a single definition of abuse and harassment and unifying speech and debate on the subject throughout Europe by considering current documents and academic literature on the topic. 

2. Legal Framework for Sports Organisations

To develop a safeguarding legal framework for European sports organisations, namely National Olympic Committees, National Federations, and Clubs.

3. Awareness Toolkit

To create a toolkit for sports safeguarding awareness and education based on digital means (with an emphasis on social media) to be used by all European sports organisations of various levels and resources.

4. Legal Framework for Sports Events

To develop a safeguarding legal framework for European sports event organisers.

The two-year project, with a very consistent dissemination process, will be able to provide effective change in terms of safeguarding for the continent based on the horizontal value of digitalization – together with inclusion through the dissemination across a wide range of European countries with different languages, cultures, economic performances and sporting realities.


Safe Sport Roundtable at EOA Congress Vilnius

On 10 November 2023, the Roundtable Debate “Building European Safe Sport Together” took place during the EOA Congress Vilnius 2023. Under the motto “The Olympic Movement in a Changing World”…

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