European Olympic Academies (Coordinator)

The European Olympic Academies (EOA) is the association of National Olympic Academies (NOAs) in Europe with the mission to disseminate the Olympic Idea and Values. The organisation aims to facilitate collaboration and exchange of experience between the NOAs and other stakeholders, promote the Olympic Movement through own initiatives and to provide platforms for discussion by holding conferences and seminars.


IGNITX is an international team of passionate Games experts providing specialised consultancy services in combination with active and integrated support of project delivery.The team is formed by event professionals called IGNITERS who are experienced, knowledgeable and capable experts that have successfully delivered a wide range of sport events. They operated under two main Focus Streams,  Event Management and Safeguarding. The multifaceted perspective services offered include consulting, operations and education. IGNITX’s uniqueness are the respected in the field team, its industry leadership in innovative solutions and the adaptable projects with commitment to excellence for all types and sizes of organisations.

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Windesheim is a Dutch University of Applied Sciences actively contributing to an inclusive and sustainable society by educating valuable professionals and conducting practice-based research. The professorship Sports Pedagogy focuses on research, education and activities contributing to sustainable safe sports by the guidance of competent individuals in sports at all levels. In the field of sports pedagogy, this professorship aims to conduct applied research to contribute to (applied) knowledge about behaviour and create dialogue about (un)desirable behaviour within (elite) sports and education and empowerment of (elite) athletes and Physical Education-students.

Rudi Hiti Academy

The Rudi Hiti Academy, established in 2013, is a Slovenian club that aims to popularize ice hockey among children and young adults. They provide free training sessions and equipment to make the sport accessible to all, regardless of their background. The Academy collaborates with the Slovenian Hockey Federation, conducts international summer camps, and emphasizes coach training while implementing projects that promote physical activity, inclusion, gender equality, skill development, and combating harassment and abuse in sports.

UEFA Foundation for Children

The UEFA Foundation for Children adds incomparable value to the project, considering their respect, but also knowledge applied in its almost 100 projects applied in Europe and around the world. UEFA Foundation has a deep knowledge that is fundamental for building and reviewing the BESST project proposals, and has a strategic reach within Europe, being able to reach hundreds of members clubs within Europe deeply. The foundation has child safeguarding as one of its key priorities, having already applied different projects in this field.

National Olympic Committee of the Netherlands

The NOC*NSF is one of the world’s leading countries in establishing a solid, multi-level and operational national safe sport policy. Together with the US Center for Safe Sport, they likely have the most robust financed structures today tackling harassment and abuse in sports. NOC*NSF will share their learnings, positives and cons for the development of the proposed system for European sports, with an internal player serving as a benchmark, and help build a system based on their learning in practice.

National Olympic Committee of Slovenia

The National Olympic Committee of Slovenia promotes sports at the national level, supporting athletes, organizing sporting events, and advocating for a healthy and active lifestyle and the values of sport and Olympism. Through their dedication, the NOC plays a vital role in shaping Slovenia’s sports landscape, empowering athletes, fostering participation, and contributing to the overall well-being of the Slovenian sports community.