BESST at the IGNITX Summit 2023 Safe Sport Session

IGNITX, as partner in the Erasmus+ project BESST, currently hosts the IGNITX Summit, a multi-part online seminar sessions. The 2023 edition brings the theme “Charting the Course: Innovation and Adaptation in Sports Events”, which aims to provide a window to navigating the evolving landscape of the sports events industry. The BESST project will be featured as one of its project partners filling one seat at the panel of the December 9th session, “Safeguarding in Sports”.

Prof. Nicolette Schipper van Veldhoven is a researcher at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Research Program Manager at the NOC*NSF/Dutch Olympic Committee since 2008. She is currently a member of the BESST project in partnership with EOA, IGNITX, and five other partners, funded by the EU Erasmus+ Program, which aims to increase the maturity of European Sports in safeguarding.

Joanna Maranhão, 4x Brazilian Olympian, is a survivor of child abuse. Because of her activism, a new law has passed in Brazil, preventing cases of child abuse from happening. She is currently a researcher on the topic of safeguarding, chair of the Brazilian Olympic Committee’s Ethics Committee and a member of the IOC Safe Sport working group.

Jonathan Hirshler is the Co-Founder and CEO at Signify. Signify is an ethical data science and communications company who use open source data and proprietary machine learning technology to provide clients with brilliant audience insights. Working across politics, media, corp comms, charity, security and agency they are able to illuminate what people really care about.

Emphasising the safety of sports’ environments underscores the paramount importance of safety measures and cutting-edge technologies to protect athletes, spectators, and stakeholders, creating a secure environment for sports events. The theme will be presented with a 360° perspective bringing the point of view of an overarching need for common definition, the story of a survivor and advocate and finally the perspective of a commercial opportunity. This session is organised in collaboration with Signify.

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